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Graduation Requirements

Our graduation requirements have been established by both the New York Board of Regents and our local Board of Education. Though your student’s graduation plan will be created at the beginning of 9th grade (or in 8th grade in the case of accelerated students), you will be invited to participate in an annual review because we know that circumstances sometimes change. If you are unclear about your student’s academic progress, you may contact the Guidance Office at any time.

Units of Credits

All students need to accumulate twenty-two (22) units of high school credit. Units of credit are awarded based on time spent in a course. For example, successful completion of a full year course that meets every day would earn one (1) unit of credit, whereas a full year course that meets every other day would be awarded only one half credit (.5). A one semester long course that meets every day would also earn one half credit (.5).

Diploma Types

Students may earn one of several different Regents diploma types which include Regents, Regents with Honors, Regents with Advanced Designation, Regents with Advanced Designation and Mastery in Math, Regents with Advanced Designation and Mastery in Science, and Regents with Advanced Designation with Honors. Students who attend classes at Finger Lakes technical and Career Center (FLTCC) may also qualify for Career and Technical Education endorsements on any one of these diploma types. In addition to these diploma types, some special education students or students with 504 plans may qualify for local credentials. Specific requirements for each diploma type are attached.


Candidates for Regents and Regents with Advanced Designation diplomas are required to take several Regents exams. These are listed in the attached chart.

Full Schedules

It is our goal to ensure that each student’s schedule is full. We have many elective opportunities in business, art, music, Languages other than English (LOTE), and technology as well as many opportunities for students to take elective classes that may help them to earn college credits while in high school. Though these classes may not be diploma requirements, many colleges strongly prefer applicants with diverse backgrounds who demonstrate a willingness to challenge themselves with available courses. We discourage multiple study labs during the school day.

Recommendations for Math and Science

Students are strongly encouraged to take four years of both math and science. Doing so helps students remain competitive for many colleges and careers. Because of our diverse offerings, students with a wide range of ability and interest in math and science can participate in these disciplines all four years of high school.

Service Learning Project

Successfully completing a Service Learning Project with an 80 or above during the course of high school is also a graduation requirement. (See Service Learning Plan 2018-2019 below)


Regular attendance in school is also a graduation requirement. Students absent from a class more than 15% of the time for any reason (including legal  or illegal absences) may be denied credit for a course. Thus, twenty-eight (28) absences in a one (1) unit course or 14 in a half (.5) unit course. Our complete attendance policy can be found at 

Thank you for your assistance in helping to ensure that your student graduates on time!